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28. Rickedy   (07.06.2014 22:04) E-mail ICQ
Страна: Jamaica | Город: Mount Carey

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27. Building and construction   (21.06.2013 21:13) E-mail ICQ
To respond to the schedule issues we employed a phased approach to the building's construction, completing and turning the building http://cement.site11.com over to CIGNA in four phases; this allowed their work crews to set up cubicles, office furniture, etc. in one portion of the building, even as we continued to work in another.
While this approach allowed us to compress the schedule it resulted in us having to perform additional tasks that were not included in the original schedule. For example, we turned over the second floor, north wing before the service elevator was operational, which meant that the set-up crews had no way to bring in the disassembled cubicles or desks. To address this we removed a large section of windows from the completed second floor so they could bring in their supplies with a lift.
Страна: Абалач | Город: Russia

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26. Building and construction   (11.06.2013 18:10) E-mail ICQ
Doors are also rated in hourly increments over three hours, but these ratings are not often used because of their cost. See NFPA 252 Chapter 8 and Section for detailed information on the test and ratings.
Photo 1 shows a sample of the construction of a wooden panel door commonly used in residential and business occupancies. This type of door cannot meet the test for fire rating under NFPA 252 because of the thin cross-sections of its panels where they join the rails and stiles. A modern door such as this one will be made up of many pieces of wood laminated together with the grain running in different directions so that it is less likely to warp. Older doors will be made up of solid wood rails and stiles with thin wood panels in between.
Страна: Валерьяновка | Город: Russia

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25. Носотной скрипт   (03.06.2013 11:00) E-mail ICQ
Свежий скрипт новостных лент в формате rss доступен сообразно адресу http://mrating.ru
Страна: Россия | Город: Крымск

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24. RazGulFR   (24.03.2013 12:30) E-mail
Гениальный Способ преуспевания в ОН-ЛАЙН режиме с использованием СЕКРЕТНЫХ ИНСТРУМЕНТОВ корпорации ДУБЛИ.
ИНВЕСТИЦИОННАЯ НОВИНКА ИНТЕРНЕТ! ИНВЕСТИЦИИ В ТЕЛЕРЕКЛАМУ США Оригинальный способ ЗАХВАТА клиентского Рынка АМЕРИКИ http://kipr-911.com Купить ИНТЕРНЕТ МАГАЗИН в СОБСТВЕННОСТЬ С ГОТОВОЙ КЛИЕНТСКОЙ БАЗОЙ--"БИЗНЕС В КАРМАНЕ"+QR-код от Сергея Кострова + механизм построения сети интернет-магазинов http://kipr-911.com КИПР911 + Любой БРЕНДОВЫЙ ТОВАР купить со СКИДКОЙ
Страна: Польша | Город: Warszava

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